A Tribute to ELVIS

 At the age of 6, I started performing in front of a live audience.  Being from New Orleans entertaining was natural, I would imitate Elvis for my friends and family but it wasn’t until later in life that I would actually get paid to do something that I enjoyed. It all started about 25 years ago when I won an Elvis Contest at a local nightclub.  Since then, I have performed in many shows, festivals, and conventions, have entertained for weddings, and many private functions throughout Louisiana. My shows consist of the “ ‘68 Comeback,” “Vegas Years,” and   “A Graceland Christmas.” I have traveled all over the United States performing my Elvis Tribute.  I also CO-produce a show called “SUPERSTARS IN CONCERT,’ A Vegas Tribute” with a local “CHER” impersonator. 

 “SUPERSTARS IN CONCERT,’ A Vegas Tribute” was a Vegas style show with the likeness of Frank Sinatra, Cher and The King of Rock’n Roll.  As a performer, you are always asked to do charitable events. During the year, I help with fundraisers for Big Brothers/Big Sisters Lafayette Chapter, Diabetes Association, and Relay for Life, and fundraisers like A Children’s Roller Skating Park, Festivals, Saving the Wetlands, Car shows from Texas to Florida.  When I’m not doing a show, I visit the nursing homes in the area.  I have a degree in Mass Communication/ Broadcast Journalism from University of Southwest Louisiana now University of Louisiana, Lafayette. While in college I took part in the theater department performance in many plays and musicals.  This has helped me to become a stronger character actor. 

  I’m a father of 2 beautiful 16-year-old boy/girl twins Taylor, and Tyler. They are both Elvis fans... When doing an ETA show, I give it my best performance every time. If you are a true Elvis fan you will be amazed and excited and pleased about my tribute show... As an Elvis fan, what I adore about Elvis was his unique talent in knowing how a song had to be sung, and with his “amazing voice” he turned the song into a classic. His charisma, his funny charm, his quick wit, and his stage presence made him magical. The love for his fans and the giving of himself to those in need gave inspiration to millions. He has been sadly missed for many years, yet he is still bigger than life.  There will NEVER be another.

  The late John Lennon said it best:
 “Before Elvis there was NOTHING” 

  I would want to thank personally all my brother ETA's for giving there own tribute to the King of Rock & Roll for us to enjoy. The best homage to the World’s Greatest Entertainer is to keep his magic alive.