A Tribute to ELVIS - FANS


  My name is Jamie Foreman and I am the president of the Parris Plaisance Fan Club. I would like to take this time to thank you for stopping in and checking out Parris’ website. We know that you will enjoy browsing through and seeing all of the exciting things that will be coming up for all of you Elvis fans.

  Everyone tells me that I should have grown up in the 50’s because of my passion for Elvis... .This is true. Its so hard to explain the way he makes me feel. Those of you who are Elvis fans can relate to what I am talking about. When I was a child I can remember my parents taking me to see Elvis movies at theatres around town. I was in love with him from that moment on. I would cry not wanting to leave, I wanted him to come back on the screen.

  His music, his moves - It’s Serenity to me !
The first time I saw Parris perform - I saw Elvis all over again. It is that same feeling. He pulled me up out of the audience to dance with him. I cried the whole time... He was singing “Can’t Help Falling in Love”.Oh my God ! Awesome, I was dancing with Elvis to my all time favorite song. I was in HEAVEN; from that moment on.
  So those of You whom have never had the chance to see Elvis perform - Here is Your Chance ! Parris is by far the BEST ! I have seen several performers and no one can compare ! If it’s just for the moment, the hour that You see Parris perform, trust me !, You will be lost in the moment with none other than ELVIS ARON PRESLEY !!!
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TCB, Parris