A Tribute to ELVIS

Tyler Joseph

Taylor Ann Plaisance

and Future
Great Dancer...
Tyler Joseph Plaisance
Age: 6
Lafayette, Louisiana 
  At the early age of 2, Tyler would perform his impression of Elvis around the house and in front of friends.  He would rather watch Elvis :“The Aloha Concert” and “That’s The Way It Is” before watching Barney, Tele-Tubbies or The Disney Channel.   I guess it’s because he wants to be like his father, ETA PARRIS.  Last year during Elvis Week 2003, he watched some of the best in the business perform all over Memphis and later that week he was asked to perform at The Graceland Inn on Elvis Presley Boulevard.  From that moment on, Tyler wanted to be on the stage singing songs like: See See Rider, Burning Love, Heartbreak Hotel, and Hound Dog.  
  Once in a while, his father would bring him out on the stage to sing Suspicious Minds.  If he is not on stage singing, he is learning his dance moves from his mother Darlene at her dance company, “The Dance Factory”.  His hobbies are bike riding, tumbling, dancing, and aggravating his twin sister Taylor.  He is a true Artist and enjoys entertaining Elvis Fan’s.  
Ladies and Gentleman...
Tyler Joseph Plaisance.